Exhibits: Presbyterian Women of the Presbytery

Sharon Wakamoto, PWP Moderator and the Christ candle

Sharon Wakamoto, PWP Moderator and the Christ candle

We have Presbyterian Women’s organizations in churches throughout the presbytery as well as participation at the synod and churchwide levels. Presbyterian Women are typically involved and concerned with mission, justice and peace in both the local community and the global community. Come, find out how PW is evolving with a new generation of leaders and activities! Sharon Wakamoto (PWP Moderator) and Anne Sivley

Presbyterian Women of the Presbytery of Los Ranchos (PWP)
will be one of many ministry Exhibits at Mission Connections: Listening to all voices, 6 February, 2016, Tustin Presbyterian Church (225 West Main, Tustin). The goal of the Summit is to provide a place for people, interested in world mission and local community engagement in our Presbytery churches, though all are welcome. We gather and connect with each other, to learn about our ministries, and to share ideas. How can I find out what other churches are doing? How can I share what I am doing? What are the opportunities for serving together in mission? These are questions we hear all the time. Well, come join us, interact, and engage at Mission Connections on February 6th at Tustin Pres. Church!

Mission Connections is free and all are invited. You are invited to register on-site!