Exhibits: First Presbyterian Church of Santa Ana

From Ava Steaffans: We’d like to share two ministries that we are involved with:

1. Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) — will be holding its national conference in Los Angeles, Aug. 31 – Sep 3, 2016. The mission of CCDA is to inspire, train, and connect Christians who seek to bear witness to the Kingdom of God by reclaiming and restoring under-resourced communities. The last time they hosted their annual conference in the LA region was 2002. This is a great opportunity to get our congregations connected to this important mission. http://www.ccda.org

2. Laundry Love — this is a monthly ministry in Santa Ana where we help people who are struggling financially by helping them with their laundry. It’s a way to build relationships and minister to the poor and the homeless in our community. Website: http://www.laundrylovesantaana.com/

Welcome, Ava and First Presbyterian Church of Santa Ana. We’re delighted that you’ll be joining us again! You will be one of many ministry Exhibits at Mission Connections: Listening to all voices, 6 February, 2016, Tustin Presbyterian Church. The goal of the Summit is to provide a place for people, interested in world mission and local community engagement in our Presbytery churches. All are welcome. We gather and connect with each other, to learn about our ministries, and to share ideas. How can I find out what other churches are doing? How can I share what I am doing? What are the opportunities for serving together in mission?

Mission Connections is free and all are invited. Please follow this link to Evite to complete your registration online: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mission-connections-listening-to-all-voices-summit-2016-registration-20441478011. To register by phone, please call Bonita Carr (714-956-3691 X122).