An Invitation to join the 2016 Mission Summit Planning Team (updated 30th August)


The 2016 Mission Summit planning team of Ginger Longwell (Canvas), Kathleen Julian (Yorba Linda), Sue Currie (FPC-Tustin) and myself, Anita Coleman (St. Mark) is getting ready to have its first meeting. I cordially invite you to consider joining our team. We need one or two more people.

We lead busy lives and have many calls on our time. So, here’s a bit more information about our planning process. It is unbelievably, incredibly, minimal and lots of fun – just ask those of us who have served before: Ginger, Kathleen or me :).

The planning team will meet once this summer (last week of July or sometime in August). We will meet once a month in Sept., Oct., Nov. 2015 and Jan. 2016. We’ve typically not needed to meet in Dec.. The Summit itself is scheduled to be on Feb. 6th in the morning (so expect to be there from ~7:30 AM to 2 pm); we will also meet the day before the Summit as well at the host site and this time will depend on the site. Team members are expected to attend these meetings, which are 1.5 hours long. Meetings will be held in a central location (such as Irvine) or at the Summit host site. Each member of the team will be responsible for a significant piece of the Summit such as Exhibits, Hospitality, Publicity and Communications, etc.

If you’d like to join the team or know of someone please let one of the members of the team or me know; and as I mentioned, Ginger, Kathleen and I have served on the team before so if you have more questions feel free to call them or me. You may also contact Bonita Carr in the Presbytery office at 714-956- 3691 x. 122 – email: bcarr at losranchos dot org. Or complete the contact form below.

Thank you.

Anita Coleman (on behalf of the 2016 Mission Summit Planning team)