Our Experience by Kim & Shea Nicolai

SCPC Attendees at Mission Summit 2015Here’s a brief write-up of their first Mission Summit experience by Kim Nicolai, a young mom and her teenage daughter Shea. It comes to us by way of Sheryl France-Moran. Way to go, Shea, Kim and Sheryl! Thanks!

My 15 year old daughter, Shea, and I had the pleasure of attending the Families in Mission: Summit 2015 at the First Presbyterian Church in Garden Grove.

Worship began with singing and a drum circle where we tapped empty cans with sticks and shook water bottles filled with dry lentils. We didn’t need fancy instruments to sound awesome and praise our God.

We enjoyed the keynote speaker, David Scott, who focused on the role that children can play as evangelists in their families and communities.

Shea and I then attended A Year of Service for a Lifetime of Change, a session on the PCUSA’s YAV (Young Adult Volunteers) program where young people from 19 to 31 can go through ministry training. After the training they are sent to minister in a U.S. city or abroad for a year.

Next, we took in all the Mission exhibits in the Fellowship Hall including Sheryl’s San Clemente Pres. Church table and the Y-Malawi table to which I got to contribute. All of the exhibitors were full of passion for spreading the Love of God.

Shea chose the next session, Living Christ’s Light (Syria-Lebanon Network). One of Shea’s best friends is Lebanese who has a lot of family there. We learned about the current conditions in this area as well as some history and a power point presentation showing “before and after” conditions. Powerful. Amid the devastation and pain we heard inspiring stories of the people and churches caring for each other, regardless of religion, demonstrating the Hope of God.

The morning closed with a blessings raffle, prayer, singing, and the recycled instrument drum circle.

We left inspired, seeing God using so many to reach throughout the world to further His kingdom and share His Love.

Kim and Shea Nicolai