Worship led by Sandy Wooldridge, Drum Circle and the Buds of Hope

DrumCircleFriends, we’re looking forward to seeing you this Saturday Feb. 7th at the Families in Mission: Summit 2015 (First Pres. Church Garden Grove, 8:30 AM). In the meantime, we welcome our worship leaders and keep them in our prayers as they prepare to lead us on Sat.. Sandy Wooldridge and the Drum Circle of Yorba Linda, along with the Buds of Hope, children’s choir of New Hope, will be opening us in worship on Sat. Feb. 7th at the Families in Mission: Summit 2015.  The Buds of Hope will be accompanied by their choir director Shannon Williams and music director Reggie Goodjoin. The linked video clip shows the Drum Circle in a brief impromptu piece, captured when we joined them two weeks ago during their monthly meeting.

If you haven’t yet registered for the Summit, we encourage you to do so (registration is free). It will help us have correct name tags printed, enough Summit materials and refreshments ready :). But don’t let no registrations stop you either! In God’s kingdom there is enough for all, always! Invite your families, friends and neighbors’ kids as we have planned some of the sessions for children too. Geared towards children as young as pre-schoolers (and their parents, Children’s directors, etc.) is David Fredell’s I am Little. I am Learning. Help me Grow. David considers himself a motivational speaker for 3, 4, 5 year olds and even as old as 7 years. Older children will get a lot out of Rachel Yates and Blake Collins session A Year of Service for a Lifetime of Change. It is about the Young Adults Volunteer program which is celebrating its 20th year in 2015 and Blake Collins is an alumni. Artful Paper Play is a hands-on art and craft session with acclaimed artists Kelly Rider and Donna Ogle. For those who want to move and groove in style and passion while on mission with our awesome God there’s Fitness and the Arts in Outreach and Mission Near Far led by accomplished and enthusiastic Jennifer Colon and Allison Becker.  Other sessions are also offered and you can read about them all in the Program Guide available online. A mission “toolshop” area will be available in Exhibits for children too.

Here’s to a fun Summit, walking on water with Jesus, receiving the fruit of the Spirit, and rising boldly, embracing healthy relationships as the family of God. His children on his mission. May he bless this day and cover all with his hand of mighty favor. Amen.

Summit Planning team​ of Kathleen Julian, Ginger Longwell, Beverly Powell, Cheryl Raine, and Anita Coleman