Summit Feedback from Anne Sivley

Evaluations of Mission Summit 2014 were collected quite differently. In the past, written evaluation forms were used and generally had a low completion rate. This time questions were given to a few volunteers who were encouraged to talk to attendees and gather the feedback informally. We felt this would also mix people a bit, give them a chance to network, and get to know others they did not. Many thanks to Chelsea Leitcher (Irvine Pres./Canvas), Tom Cramer (Presbytery of Los Ranchos), Anne Sivley (Yorba Linda Pres.) and Chris Somogyi (Trinity) who served as Summit Feedback volunteers. Excerpts from the first of the feedback reports are below. If you would like to send us your input please do so by using the Leave a Reply form below or the Contact Us form in the navigation tab. We look forward to your continued engagement as we build Christ’s Kingdom. Thanks!

1. What did you like?

Bryant Myers delivers the Keynote Address

Bryant Myers delivers the Keynote Address – Photo Credit: Kerry Frank

Keynote Address: Everyone loved the Keynote Address by Bryant Meyers. It was the major event that stood out in the minds of everyone. There were no negative comments. Folks felt that he had so much knowledge about the poor and were really given something to think and ponder about.  Others felt that this information was invaluable and that this is something we can take back to churches. One person said that this topic reminded him of the direction he needed to go… a refocusing of mission from the standpoint of Love for our neighbors. The stressing of more relational ministries and spreading the Good News was a common positive opinion.  Most comments were very positive but in general –“I loved it!” was the consensus.

2. What improvements would you like to see in 2015?

Participants would like more about Third World Projects in Mission. They would like more time and opportunities to discuss specific missions with others. Due to time constraints all said they would like to have time to talk to others and network.  How do we get our congregations more involved in wanting to do mission… In other words, how do we teach others that we need to get outside ourselves to do love others and do mission.  We must not be afraid and get out of our comfort zones to really minister to others. How do we learn to risk?

3. What breakout topics would you like to see offered?

What do good missions do and how do missions hurt is one suggestion.  Since an important aspect of mission is to love and develop relationships, we should have more sessions on how to develop relationships in mission. The Egypt speaker should definitely return next year and also make us aware of what we should all be praying for.  Maybe a session could be devoted to “Mission Projects that Hurt.”

4. Should the summit be half-day or whole day?

The idea of a whole day did not appeal to anyone.  It was felt that people might be willing to go until 1:00 but no later.  However, all said there was not enough time to discuss or ask questions, so breakout folks need to be aware of this fact. It is almost a catch 22.  As a volunteer trying to obtain feedback for you, I felt as if I, too, was pressed.  There was no time for me to discuss other than detain someone to talk to me. I could see some who wanted to be nice but wanted to get on to the next thing. The 15 min. was tough because folks wanted to get to the next thing and see the exhibits, go to bathroom, get coffee if they did not before. I tried pulling in groups to talk.

5. Would you be willing invite folks to write a brief blurb about their mission summit experience for sharing on the summit blog?

I did get two folks, and I will write them and remind them.

I will say, as an overall, I have watched us go from the first summit four years ago to now…from about 25 people to over 200.  It is amazing.  Each year gets better and better.  I know it took a lot of work and you all are to be commended for that. Thank you so much.

Anne Sivley (Yorba Linda Pres. Church)