Walking with the Poor: A Biblical View of Poverty and Development [video]

“You’ve got two critical questions that you always need to ask when you look at anybody’s program. What is the implied view of poor people? And, is it whole? Is it Christian? Because what is a poor person in the eyes of God? His child, Made in the image of God just like you. When God looks at the poor its like me looking at you… The other is the implied view of development. You become the provider of things, ideas, access. You can pile stuff here, take it over there hand it, feel good … or you can get some people to do community based training, take them into the villages, … feels practical. I want to share a framework that is different.”  – Bryant Myers, Walking with the Poor, Mission Summit 2014, Keynote Speaker

Besides allowing us to video-tape his lecture, Professor Myers also most generously gave us his presentation slides. Download them as an Adobe Acrobat pdf document file from here: Myers Walking with the Poor.

We’ve had a record number of positive responses to Myers’ lecture. Many of you have also asked for presbytery-wide discussion on this topic. We can start such a discussion right here. I encourage you to make your comments, ask questions, and maybe even share your notes on Walking with the Poor. You can easily do all this by using the Leave a Reply dialog box below. We have 70 mission contacts/leaders following this blog today (please see under Follow Blog via Email on the top right to see the latest statistics on followers). Thank you!

Video Credits: Tom Dykhuizen


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