A “God-honoring” Community: Mission Summit 2014

Hope Team

Hope Team open the Summit in Worship – Photo credits: Forrest Claassen


David working the A/V controls – Photo credits: Forrest Claassen

This is the beginning of big things to come.” Tom Cramer was prophetic when he said that four years ago, May 2011, at the very first Mission Summit he organized and God continues to be steadfast and faithful. The power and generosity of our Lord and Savior Jesus was vibrant, vivid, working among us on Saturday, Feb. 8th, the day of Mission Summit 2014. The Summit is no longer just an event, it is a community! By 7:45 am the Fellowship Hall at Trinity was already crowded because so many people were working together getting things ready for our learning and sharing. We counted 225 people that morning, gathered together, united by their love for Jesus, passionate about their calling, sharing the wonder of His “unshakeable kingdom” of love, justice and peace, blossoming among us, here on earth.  Many small teams made up of  a total ~75 volunteers, presenters, and exhibitors, helped us to honor and glorify our great God. Some sparked our curiosity and inspired our imagination, while others touched our hearts, intrigued and provoked us with their stories, lessons, and visuals. Always, always, they pointed us to God’s presence and ongoing work among us in the OC and around the world wherever we’re sharing his love.

I will be thanking all our volunteers, exhibitors, and presenters  in future posts along with photos taken by the Summit Photography Team of Bob Oehlman and Kerry Frank (both from Irvine Pres.). But for now I will thank the many prayer warriors, who in response to Steve Yamaguchi’s e-sharing last week, prayed for the success of the Mission Summit. And, I will spread the joy I received through the comments that have already come in by sharing them below:

My friend Sondi and I were blessed to be at the Mission Summit on Saturday.  It honored God and was very informative and enjoyable.   Thank you. – Vivian Churness, USC Prof. Emerita (Trinity Lutheran Church, San Pedro) – Author Exhibitor Participant

The Summit was WONDERFUL!!!  Thank you to you and your incredible team for all you did to put together such an incredibly meaningful and informative experience. … It never ceases to amaze me how God connects dots for us in our lives.  Hearing the Mission Summit keynote was so insightful and related to something I have been exploring as part of my commitment to supporting families of young children and improving early childhood education. – Linda Clinard, Family Literacy and Early Learning Consultant (Canvas, Irvine) – Summit Participant

Congratulations on the success of today’s Mission Summit.  Everybody I talked to after the meeting were very complimentary about and especially the presentation by Professor Myers. My compliments to you and your planning committee.Dave Swidrak (Good Shepherd Church, Los Alamitos) – Registration Volunteer Participant

Please let the praise team know how blessed I was by their leadership at the Mission Summit yesterday. I could feel God’s Spirit flowing through them into the conference room, filling our mission leaders with God’s love and grace, and helping us focus on our beautiful and powerful God. Please thank them for me, as they began our day in such an inspiring  and God-honoring way. What a treasure they are to your [Arabic Presbyterian] fellowship and to our presbytery. – Tom Cramer (Associate Executive Presbyter, Presbytery of Los Ranchos) – Staff

It was a fabulous Mission Summit, one which you and your team can certainly be proud of.  Everyone I spoke to said they loved it.. others who could not come are so disappointed now they did not attend.Ann Sively (Yorba Linda Pres.) – Summit Feedback Volunteer

Please feel free to share this post by forwarding it to friends and stay tuned for more updates (including videos and photo) from Mission Summit 2014. I also invite your questions, comments and feedback about the Summit.