Registered for the Summit?

Preparations for the Summit continue. It has only been 2 weeks since registration began and 69 people have already signed up! Wonderful.Thank you!

Perhaps you’ve been wondering about who’s coming to the Summit. Who else from your church and communities have registered? Has that  friend you invited, signed up yet? This is sort of  what happened this week. Sheryl France-Moran, Director of Missional Participation at San Clemente Presbyterian Church, wanted to encourage all the friends in her church who had indicated an interest in the Summit. So she emailed us. Would we be willing to share the names of those who had registered from her church?

As you know, the Summit planning team is made up of volunteers and we’re simply not set up to do a lot of administrative work. Besides, most conferences publish the names of attendees and in general, online registration systems allow the invitation list to be open, visible or closed. until the event ends. Now, thanks to Bonita, the EventBrite registration shows the attendees list too.  Take a peek! Scroll down to Attendees List. Don’t see your friends’ names? YES, invite them to register :). Previously unsure if you should send a reminder, not wanting to be a pest, now you know definitively and can take action!

Mission Summit 2014 is all about building God’s Kingdom; authentic community and people relationships are key. Opening the list of attendees so you can see it ahead of time, instead of just giving you the list in your program folders, is our small way of helping one another build strong and trust-worthy relationships among ourselves. God bless you and prepare all our hearts for a wonderful morning at Mission Summit 2014.


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