Meet the Authors: Larry Forcey, Vivian Churness, and Judy Starr

We are blessed with talented writers and Christian Authors. The following authors will be in the Exhibit Hall at the Summit. The books of all the authors listed here are available for sale on  We hope you will enjoy getting to know the writers in our midst.

Meet Larry Forcey, author of the award-winning novel, The Crèche

A fiery preacher tried, convicted, and burned at the stake.  An elderly monk, questioned and scoffed by a papal delegation.  A father, in the outskirts of Paris, tormented with the decision to protect his family or follow Christ’s teaching of “turning the other cheek.”  An abused wife leaves her husband, embarking on the unknown to protect her seven-year-old daughter.  An eleven-year-old boy, Carter Mason, despairs to find answers to the injustices and evil he discovers in his world.


Meet Vivian Churness, author of  Missing: The Search for my Son

What does a young wife and mother do when her husband and 3-year-old son suddenly disappear without a trace? Vivian Churness writes a story that reads like a cross between a detective mystery and a testimony of personal spiritual formation. It is the story of Vivian’s search for her abducted son, and of how her life was changed during the years-long search.


Meet Judy Starr, author of Adventure at Cassidy Ranch

This is the first in a series of adventure stories for youth, ages nine to thirteen, which teach Christian character values and discipleship for Christian growth.

Wesbite: forthcoming


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