Preparing for Short Term Mission Trips

PREPARING FOR SHORT TERM MISSION TRIPS                                          [Session 1]

This session will present two seasoned Short Term Mission Trip leaders and trainers. Michael Haney will share key aspects and techniques of the theological, spiritual and cross-cultural awareness training he uses at Trinity for preparing people to go on STMT and for bearing fruit after they return. Paul Muresan, who has been leading mission trips from St. Andrews and First Pres. Westminster, to Europe and Africa for over 20 years, will share his experiences and stories of STMT on the ground, and highlight the practical techniques that have led to successful transformation for the visiting as well as the visited peoples. Participants will have the opportunity for an extended Q & A, Roundtable session with the speakers in a 2nd Breakout session.

Michael Haney





Michael Haney:  Michael is a member of Trinity United Presbyterian Church and the son of missionary parents to Brazil. He received his undergraduate degrees from Biola University in Physical Science and Electrical Engineering from USC.  After serving 3½ years as a missionary in the Philippines with Servant Partners and OMF, he completed a graduate degree in Inter-Cultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2002.  Since then, Michael has remained involved in missions, training short-term teams for cross-cultural ministry.






Paul Muresan:  Paul is Romanian born and considers it a great blessing to call the US home for the last thirty years.  He now lives in Yorba Linda and for the past nine years has been serving as Associate Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Westminster.  Paul is the current Moderator of the Worldwide Mission Partnership of the Los Ranchos Presbytery.  He loves Kingdom work considering mission “an opportunity to cross the street and the oceans” to tell God’s Story.


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