Walking with the Poor by Bryant Myers

Bryant Myers, Professor of Transformational Development, Fuller Theological Seminary

Bryant Myers, Professor of Transformational Development, Fuller Theological Seminary

We are excited to share with you our Keynote Speaker Bryant Myers‘ description/summary of his forthcoming presentation on Saturday, 8 February, Mission Summit 2014 at Trinity United Presbyterian Church, 13922 Prospect St., Santa Ana. Enjoy!

This is an interactive lecture that begins with the language the audience uses to describe the poor.  I then look briefly at secular understandings and invite an off the cuff critique.  Then I go to Genesis and relate the relational nature of God and God’s creation.  I set the stage for understanding poverty as a relational issue created by the Fall.  I then move on to the restoration of all our relationships in Christ as the good news toward which any understanding of human development must point.  Lots of stories and illustrations.

A lifelong activist dedicated to Christian relief and development work around the world, Bryant Myers currently serves as a Professor of Transformational Development at Fuller Theological Seminary.  Bryant has over thirty years of experience with World Vision International, most recently as Vice-President of For Development and Food Resources.  A published author on poverty and transformational development, humanitarian aid and world mission, Bryant has served in various leadership roles within the Lausanne Committee on World Evangelization and currently serves on several boards: Evangelicals for Social Action, the International Fellowship of Evangelical Mission Theologians (INFEMIT), the International Advisory Council of the Centre of Study of Christianity in Asia, and the International  Council of the Viva Network.


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